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Manhattan is relatively small --approximately 2.8 miles wide and 12 miles long-- and most of the action is concentrated within walking distance of Apple Core Hotels. Most New Yorkers thus prefer to get around on foot, especially during rush hour and lunch time, but public transportation throughout Manhattan is fast, convenient and safe.

Our Manhattan locations are easily accessible by car, subway, bus or taxi/car service. If you need parking space for your car during your stay, our hotels are conveniently located near parking garages.

Manhattan is laid out on a grid. Here are a few tips to help you navigate:

  • Manhattan is long and narrow.
  • The avenues run North and South
  • Streets run East and West.
  • Fifth Avenue is the dividing line between the East Side and the West Side.
  • As the street numbers go up, you are heading North or “Uptown”.
  • The numbering starts “Downtown”. The streets in the “50s” are Midtown.

Attractions and entertainment

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For a more general description of attractions and entertainment in New York please refer to our Virtual Concierge section.

Buses and Subways

New York has a very well-connected subway and bus system.

Fare for a local subway or bus ride is approx. $2.75 and a variety of Metro Card denominations such as daily, weekly or monthly passes can be purchased for commuting in and around Manhattan (starting at $31 for a week). Both Penn Station and Grand Central Station are located within walking distance of our Manhattan hotels where you can access most of the subway lines.

  Map of the NYC subway system
  Map of the NYC bus system (pdf)

The closest subway stops for our hotels are:

La Quinta: D, F or N train at 34th St./6th Ave.
Broadway @ Times Square: B, D, F or M train at 47th St./6th Ave.
The Hotel @ Times Square : B, D, F or M train at 47th St./6th Ave.
The Hotel @ New York City: 6 train at 28th St./Park Ave. South

There are also bus companies to get you to and from the airport from Grand Central or Port Authority to JFK or LGA with prices ranging from $9 to $25. Another option is a shuttle service such as use: Super Shuttle

Taxi and Car Service

Cabs are available relatively easily on the Manhattan streets. You can hail a cab by raising your arm. Available cabs have their number light on the roof lit up (not the off duty light though). Yellow cabs are preferred and it is usually a good idea to not accept transportation at the airports from unlicensed companies.

For Yellow Cabs, the Metered Rate of Fare is $2.50 upon entry, $0.50 for each additional unit (1/5th of a mile), $0.50 per minute of waiting time. Night surcharge is $0.50 after 8:00 PM & before 6:00 AM. Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00 Monday - Friday after 4:00 PM & before 8:00 PM

The taxi ride to/from LaGuardia Airport ranges from $30 onwards (tolls and tips are usually added on to the final fare). The flat fare to JFK Airport is $52.00 plus any tolls. Note that the meter should not be turned on and the night surcharge is not be added. You will need to tip the cab driver (normally 10% of the fare).

For more detailed information on cab fares and your rights please refer to the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Car services are also available to and from the airport or within the city. Car services are usually more expensive than cabs. If you would like, you could even take a limousine ride.

For more information or assistance contact the hotel front desk or concierge.

Parking in New York

If are driving into Manhattan or plan to rent a car, there are parking garages located in proximity of the hotels for your convenience.

La Quinta
Central Parking Garage located at 1250 Broadway (@32nd Street)
Rates: Approx. $30 for 24 hours/ $40 for SUVs.
Valet: available, $5 extra. No in-&-out privileges.
Phone: (212)760-0549

Broadway @ Times Square Hotel
Resource Parking located on 46th Street (between 6th & 7th). Standard cars and minivans only.
Rates: Approx. $26 for 24 hours. Standard cars and minivans only (no SUVs).
No valet services. No in-&-out privileges.
Phone: (212)997-9115

The Hotel @ Times Square
Resource Parking located on 164 West 46th St. (between 7th & 6th Aves)
Rates: Approx. $27 for 24 hours / $37 for SUVs.
No valet services. No in-&-out privileges.
Phone: (212) 997-9115
To receive the discount from Resource Parking, please show your ticket to the front desk who will stamp it.
Central Parking located at 38 West 46th Street (between 5th and 6th Aves)
Rates: Approx. $40 for 24 hours / $52 for SUVs.
No valet services. No in-&-out privileges.
Phone: (212) 719-5944

The Hotel @ New York City
Icon Parking located at 475 Park Avenue South
Rates: Approx. $30 for 24 hours / $40 for SUVs.
No valet services. No in-&-out privileges.
Phone: (212)684-8352

For additional information on getting around Manhattan, you can also ask our front desk staff or concierge at any of our hotels and they will be glad to be of assistance.





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